Lista över gratis kataloginlämningswebbplatser för 2021

Lista över gratis kataloginlämningswebbplatser för 2021

Using the Directory Submissions site for business submission online is a great method to grab the limelight. We all have used telephone directories in the past to search phone numbers along with addresses of individuals. Similarly, you can find any business information by searching on these Directory Submission sites.

Directory Submission is a crucial part of the off-page SEO techniques. All you need to do is to choose the best Directory Submission site to submit your business details- name, link, website description, etc.

Get your website a huge volume of traffic from Google and another search with a regular practice of Directory Submission. This practice would add value to your website domain authority in Google search results.

How Directory Submission can Benefit your SEO Strategy

This is one of the by and largely used SEO strategies that makes your site absorb higher exposure online. This popular method helps you build links for your website and boost its ranking on the search engine. People say that Directory Submission is of no good, but that’s not true. It can deliver visible results to your SEO.

#1 Boost your Website Link Popularity

For acquiring high-quality backlinks, Directory Submission proves to be an essential SEO practice. Search engines always count on quality backlinks. Directory Submission sites can sustainably contribute to generating quality backlinks for your website. For SEO ranking or link diversity, Directory Submission sites is one of the tested and trusted methods in general.

#2 Page Indexing and Blog Post

Search engines give you assured page indexing with Directory Submission. Once your submission is made the search engines start locating your business website through backlinks generated from another website.

#3 Traffic Generation for Blogs

Using proper keywords can lead your Directory Submission listed in the search engine. It will automatically send your target group to your website despite having a good search engine ranking.

7 Types of Directory Submission Sites

There are several types of Directory Submission through which you can gain quality backlinks for your website. You should choose a site according to its merit and functionality. Below are eight types of Directory Submission sites about which we will have a brief discussion now

#1 Free Directory Submission

Free Directory Submission sites require a lot of time to deliver results. Also, there is no guarantee whether the administrator will give the nod to your link submission or not.

#2 Paid Directory Submission

You have to pay the site administrator here to submit your business information here. This is the quickest possible way to generate quality backlinks. There are sites that offer an annual or a lifetime package of comprehensive facilities of Directory submission.

#3 Automatic Directory Submission

There are tools available online which you can use to submit these directories.

#4 Manual Directory Submission

As the name suggests you need to do the entire task on your own. Nevertheless, Google and other search engines don’t egg on premeditating ranking efforts.

#5 Nofollow Directory Submission

The reason behind the No-follow attribute usage becoming unpopular is it often fails to deliver you the desired result. In case you have decided to submit your site link in a No-follow Directory Submission site make sure that you make a calculative move.

#6 Dofollow Directory Submission

Bloggers must utilize this tactic for fetching organic traffic to their blogs thereby increasing the blog rankings. You must select those Do-follow directories that help you accelerate your growth and overall ranking on SERP.

#7 Niche Directory Submission

This specific Directory Submission takes in RSS feeds, script and software, blogs, Web hosting companies, Web designers, SEO companies, and other online businesses in its functional domain. Each Niche Directory Submission deals with a particular subject which you would find in the list of the category under a general directory.

The frequency of the links here decides the ranking parameters on SERP. With the increased ranking, search engines visit your page more frequently which would up your site traffic higher than before.

6 Steps to do Directory Submission for SEO

To get quality backlinks, you should submit your websites to the leading blog directories which include

Step 1: A bit of groundwork

Before you make your submission to any Directory Submission site, you need to perform some simple pre-submission tasks which would make your submission rather effortless. Use a notepad to save the following file types-

  • Your website URL
  • Address and contact information
  • A brief description of your site

Step 2: Find the best-performing directory sites available on the web. Remember, your choice of Directory site must have a high DA.

Step 3: Here we can find options like Submit/ Submit website/ Add website etc.

Step 4: Most of the Directory Submission sites offer a free and paid version of the submission.

Step 5: Submit your website and required business details by clicking on the button.

Step 6: You will receive a confirmation mail after your submission is made.

Things you do while Directory Submission

While using free Directory Submission sites for your website submission you should remember some do’s and don’ts which are as follows-

  • Be sure whether the leading search engines index the directory or not. If search engines don’t cache it then it means the link is of no use. To optimize your site submit your websites to those sites which have high DA.
  • Have a look at the analytical questions that the site offers before listing. These questions should be unique as this is the way you can specifically categorize your business and related information within minimum time. Check out the outbound links available on the category link pages. This will get you the real picture of how effective this site would be for your submission.
  • Always mark the domain authority of the web directory as a vital point for submission. This one move determines the authenticity of the site listing. This enables you to perform a quick searchable directory.
  • Read carefully the guidelines of the Directory Submission site. This is necessary as each of the sites has some individual rules and regulations. Remember, every Directory Submission site offers a wide array of categories from which you should pick a relevant one for listing your website. If you by mistake choose the wrong category it might futile the listing.
  • Quality of the links matters the most while building links. A quality link is any day better than myriads of inferior ones. Quality directories can push up your site higher on search engines.
  • Use selective keywords for your anchor text, refrain from spammy usage though. Don’t be repetitive with the anchor text and description against every link. Target different keywords and tweak the description in every link.
  • The title and description that you use must be on point and relevant. The title must have the main targeted keyword which is used in the anchor text. Write a description with the focal keywords of that page. Don’t overstuff your keywords in the description.
  • Link juice derived from high PR directories hold greater value. Try to get as many links to those hives.
  • If you choose the route of manual submission, the success depends on the tools that you use. This one choice can spoil the broth many a time. If you are submitting a website daily, you can use Roboform for autofill password protection with an end-to-end encryption feature.
  • Instead of paying for links try to generate one-way links through your submission.
  • Check your submission status regularly as some of the sites don’t approve instantly. Also, there are top sites that charge for submission as well.

Maintain a document for your future references. Proper documentation will guide you whether your SEO works are going in the right direction or not.

Things you don’t do while Directory Submission

There are certain protocols that need to be dedicatedly followed while using free Directory Submission sites-

  • Sites that use the ‘rel=no follow’ attribute for your link won’t return any significant help for campaign optimization. Search engines will unable to follow your website link. Even redirects will fail to deliver backlinks for the site as well.
  • Avoid link farms, dangerous neighborhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) links as they can be detrimental to your site.
  • Refrain from submitting your sites to mirror sites as they contain similar URLs and contents.
  • Never submit similar URLs as there could be other sites in the directory using the same URLs.
  • There are some directories that don’t accept monthly twice the submission of the same content. In this case, most of the sites return with error messages “Domain already exists in this directory”. If you have not listed, do your research while selecting the right category and resubmit.
  • If you see that a Directory Submission site is brimming with the same types of content, better you shouldn’t select that one for your site submission. Multiple submissions of the same content can result in the deletion of that site and other affiliated sites.
  • Never hide your submission or in case if you have submitted your URL more than once viz. sending and is considered as malpractice.
  • In case a site redirects to another address, forget to submit it to that site.
  • At times sites display ‘under construction’ status or it has broken graphics or links. Stop choosing it for submission. Wait until the site is fully live and ready to use.

List of Free Directory Submission sites

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